Office Furniture Specialists


Final Assembly Inc. is the most caring and trustworthy company. Our people take pride in craftsmanship and make a conscious effort to treat every customer like a member of our family. We have built our reputation on performance and exceeding expectations in order to build a customer for life.

Since its formation in 1989 Final Assembly Inc. has become a leader in the commercial move-management and office furniture refurbishing industry. Our success is based on a unique "one-stop" concept that provides virtually all the services required by a business changing locations, reconfiguring existing office space or in need of furniture maintenance.


Final Assembly's project team boasts nearly 258 years of combined industry experience. Every step of the way, your Final Assembly Project Manager will be there to ensure that all phases of your move, from the initial planning stage to final installation, are successful, trouble-free and completed with minimal disruption to your project.
Adolfo Arce

Before starting Final Assembly in 1989, Adolfo began his career 51 years ago with United business Interiors, where he served in every position from delivery helper, various management roles and finally President.
Bill Morse

Bill joined Final Assembly in 1991 as vice President of Sales and in 1997 he became a partner. He has 51 years of industry experience and his past roles include President, Owner and General Sales Manager.
Catherine Arce

Catherine has 30 years of experience in the industry. Before joining Final Assembly in 1990, she worked with Pacific Business Interiors, Huntington Business interiors and United business Interiors. Catherine is currently Final Assembly's Vice President of Operations.

Eddie Espinoza

Eddie started as a furniture installer apprentice with Final Assembly in 1991. After a year as a furniture installer, Eddie was promoted to Warehouse Manager in 1993.
Matt Finnerty

Matt has 10 years of experience in the furniture industry. Before joining Final Assembly, he worked with Mansers Contract and in project management.
Don Moss

Don has been with Final Assembly since 1996, bringing over 50 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Final Assembly, Don worked with BKM, Moss Business Interiors and United Business Interiors.

Jeff Stone

In his 22 years with Final Assembly, Jeff has focused on the refurbishing of modular systems furniture and existing used furniture. Prior to working with Final Assembly, Jeff specialized in on-site electrostatic painting of office furniture.
Brad Van Duyne

Before joining Final assembly 8 years ago, Brad worked with Steelcase for 23 years. He has also worked with Hayworth and has had his own installation company.
Sandy Partridge

Sandy Partridge has been in the Office Interiors Industry since 1988. She has a degree in Interior Design and has acted as a consultant to her clients by taking them through the entire process of creating a commercial space from inception to completion. She has the ability to design & furnish the office as well as manage construction. She is very excited to be part of the Final Assembly family!